We take pride in our wide selection of quality services. Here is a sampling of services that James Construction provides.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information, please contact us:

  • Excavation of homes, garages and additions
    We excavate buildings of all sizes from house foundations, to
    additions and garages.
  • Lot and tree clearing
    We clear lots of trees and brush for additions and new construction.
  • Driveways and roads
    We build and prep driveways and roads
  • Yard Expansions
    We will assess the potential of your yard and suggest options for
    turning what seems like unusable area into a larger yard
  • Erosion ControlMaterial Deliveries
    We deliver loads of dirt or stone
  • Patios and retaining walls
    We prep and build patios and retaining walls of prefabricated block
    or on-site stone
  • Utility installation and trenching
    We trench for all utilities, including electrical, water, telephone,
    cable, etc.
  • Drainage
    Installation of drainage to re-route water on your property
  • UtilitySeptic System installations and repairs
    Installation and repair septic systems
  • Site preparation and erosion control
    Preparation of
    the site for safe construction
  • Equestrian Facility maintenance and construction
    Riding rings, horse facilities, specialty riding material
  • Ponds, dams and wetland maintenance and repair
    Dredging, wetlands repairs, and maintenance and rebuilding dams